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Chartering Services:-

Cargo that is too big or too heavy to be loaded onto a flat rack container can be loaded directly onto the vessel.
By providing best in class services for Break Bulk Cargo, Kelorex Energy is recognized as a vibrant Bulk Handler. We provide total solution for Bulk Cargo. We are an amply experienced Bulk Handler. Our staff is well trained and capable to deal with any kind of issue related to Bulk Cargo.

At Kelorex Energy, known for bulk cargo services, we specialize in a variety of quality charter services. With our flexible & comprehensive service quality, we always make sure that the requirements of our customers are catered efficiently.
At Kelorex Energy, we have the best solution for each of your bulk requirements with our best charter services.

Our experienced dry bulk chartering team focus on direct, firm cargoes only and fix voyage, contract of agreement or time charter basis according to their clients requests with a wide range of direct ship owners from coaster to supra-max size with the best competitive freight rates.Our goal is to treat each client as our only one client, with a highest level of flexible, reliable, economic and efficient service.

In addition to shipment of dry bulk cargo, we deal in transportation of liquid bulk. Our association with ship-owners, operators, traders and co-brokers across the globe, we make sure that the vessels are ensured the best possible fixtures. We aim towards maximizing vessel utilization.

Kelorex Energy FZE is specialised in shipping gas products and has developed long-term relationships with clients in the oil & gas industry. The focus is on the segments of petrochemical gases (Petchems), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) & various other gas products. With a diverse fleet of gas carriers Kelorex Energy serves its clients on an equally balanced distribution of contract structures: Contracts of Affreightment, Time Charters, and Spot market related. Kelorex Energy is always seeking new logistic opportunities with existing and new partners for the transport of gas products.

Logistics :-

Every vertical industry presents unique supply chain challenges, but none is as complex as oil and gas. Transporting product requires special equipment, strict regulatory compliance, and extensive safety procedures. It often requires multiple modes, and involves everything from supplying materials for oil rigs to moving extremely heavy equipment and hazardous materials.

“Logistics in the oil and gas industry demands a great sense of urgency and need for visibility,” says Rajesh Shah, Managing Director for Kelorex Energy FZE. “Oil and gas companies rely on 3PL partners to come through under difficult circumstances.”

Few industries are as financially vulnerable when complications arise. Often, oil and gas operations take place in remote regions of the world, and run 24/7/365. If materials aren’t delivered on time, the consequences are considerable.So Kelorex Energy aims at providing the best Logistic services to our clients so that they incur no loss.

The Oil and Gas industry has very specific needs when it comes to the use of project cargo services. It can be anything from a single piece of machinery that needs transporting urgently by air freight, or it could be a set of pipeline materials.

With any equipment being transported, it is key to be safe in the knowledge that it is being properly loaded and packed to insure against any possible damage. This is where Kelorex Energy comes in. We are a fully certified quality assurance freight and cargo forwarder as well as providing high quality insurance for all transported goods.

Kelorex Energy are a Third Party Logistics Provider, offering supply chain solutions including multi-modal transportation, customs clearance, and door deliveries, along with superior warehousing and primary and secondary distribution services. Our warehouses and distribution centres are equipped with the most modern material handling facilities.
At the heart of our Logistics Services is our Warehouse Management System Software, that helps you achieve your logistics and scheduling objectives with effortless ease, by taking into account all the essential elements of logistics and building a stronger supply chain.

Sea Transport

Cargo with large freight dimensions is predestined for transport via water or sea. Our long-term experience enables us to provide smooth transport by ship – even to the most distant regions. Loading of a conventional project and container transports but also special deliveries, heavy cargo transports are part of our service range.

Land Transport

In cooperation with various partners we can quickly and flexibly provide any imaginable logistics solution.We have a huge global on-line network. Whether express or courier services, container trucking, special delivery, transport of heavy cargo and hazardous material: we safely and reliably reach our customers’ goals.

Warehouse Storage Facilities:-

Kelorex Energy FZE also provides arrangement of warehouse storage facility on behalf of our clients for liquid and dry bulk cargo.We are expertise in this field since 10+ years and our clients have always been satisfied with our service.

If the receiving customer isn’t ready for said product, that’s where Kelorex Energy is prepared to step up for you in order to load the product, store it at one of our terminals until it is ready to be received, and ship it out immediately upon notification.

Kelorex Energy FZE warehousing allows us to offer our customers greater speed, efficiency and flexibility for their supply chains. Our network of warehouses, adding up to millions of square metres around the globe, means that we can offer a broad range of services with door-to-door cargo integrity.

Many of our warehouses are able to provide comprehensive pick / pack, de-stuff / palletise, bulk stack and storage services and facilities. As a result we will not only transport your goods quickly and safely, but we can also help play a key coordinating role in your distribution network. You get to release your goods when and how you desire.

​Our specialty is in liquid bulk transport, shipping and storing a wide range of products.​​Our attention to detail is what allows us to provide the mandatory care needed to haul all sensitive materials and makes our company stand out from the rest.Service and safety are our main priorities in transporting your liquid bulk materials.If product storage is an issue that you are trying to resolve, let us assist you in creating or locating the solution to your individual challenges.

Association & Consultancy:-

Last but not the least Kelorex Energy helps your company to grow your business and establish market in any regional area.Our professional Tech-commercial marketing team help companies to build bridge between manufactures and the end-clients.We also partner with companies for developing their business along with consulting companies for their business development in areas where they can’t excel. 

Kelorex Energy provides clients with innovative Sourcing and Procurement Services. Through these supply chain services, we help companies to achieve both monetary savings and improved supplier relationships. We offer a variety of value-added services, including Category Management, Contingency Based Cost Reduction, Contracting, Negotiations, Strategic Sourcing Services, and more.

With unmatched industry experience and a rich history of developing procurement best practices and processes, Kelorex Energy has helped many organisations attain billions of dollars in savings in both direct and indirect spend categories. We are committed to fostering efficiency, responsiveness, and flexibility in our clients’ supply chains, and ultimately delivering impactful and sustainable results.

The oil and gas industry is one of highs, lows, and everything in between. We understand the challenges you face because we’ve spent years working in this industry. Kelorex Energy FZE is here to help you anticipate, plan for, and manage the dramatic swings that characterise your market. And when something happens, we’ve got the people, solutions, and resources to help you move forward with confidence.

Our in-depth global experience in all sectors of the energy and resources industry serves as an integral resource for a significant proportion of the world’s energy companies. We offer a complete range of industry focused services designed to conform to this industry’s unique and dynamic needs. Our goal is to provide the energy industry with unparalleled services, innovation, and strategic thinking.